First Day of Class

Bentham House could really use a building map. You know, just one of those little printed sheets with a “You Are Here” X marking the spot. Today was the first day of class. I’ve scheduled my classes with an eye towards having long weekends, so I have one class today (War Law), three tomorrow, and one on Thursday. I arrived at campus with what I thought was plenty of time to spare, getting to Bentham House, where most of the law classes are held, by 10:45 a.m. Class started at 11 and the schedule notified us that all classes started 5 minutes after their posted times.

At 10:45 I began my search. My room was called Seminar Room 4. First of all, in the lobby of the building, there’s no information desk or receptionist. The only things hanging on the wall are pictures and notices telling you how historic the building is. The corridors and lobbies are all small, like everything else here and I spent the next 15 minutes futilely wandering over all 6 stories, looking for my classroom. It was too the point that I was going to have to knock on some professor’s door and ask them when I ran into Pamela, who told me that SR4 was in the basement. Naturally. Still I managed to make it to class on time.

After class, I walked over to Euston Station to grab a bite and decided to take some photos. I found the first few photos amusing, because I remember reading in a guide book that the area north of Bloomsbury, where the school is located was known for being seedy, with drug dealers, prostitution, etc. I first started noticing that the phone booths were covered with flyers for escort services and then I came upon a line of businesses, including two adult video stores, an adult bookstore, a topless club and a bookies. (Although to be fair, they have bookies everywhere; there’s even a chain of them.) Apparently though, this lot is soon to be moved out and the place pretty much bulldozed because the real estate is too valuable now. So that’s good I guess.


2 Responses

  1. I think you’re already sounding more British.

  2. these wrap-up posts have been very good. Keep it up.

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