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Notes From Class

I finally got my class schedule squared away this morning. I had to shift one class yesterday because in the class that preceded it the prof announced we would be meeting in three hour blocks, instead of two as the schedule initially indicated. So I swapped International and Comparative Insolvency for Jurisprudence and Legal Theory, which will work out well. As part of the Jurisprudence class we’ll be expected to attend some sessions of a legal colloqium that UCL and Oxford are presenting, “UCL Colloquium in Legal & Political Philosophy.” Three of the sessions will be here at UCl and two up at Oxford and we’ll have the chance to attend those if we choose to do so.

Class Schedule:

Tuesday – War Law (11a-1p)

Wednesday – Banking Law (11a-1p), Comparative Tort Law (3p-5p, 3p-6p in November)

Thursday – Jurisprudence and Legal Theory (11a-1p), Comparative Contract Law (1p-3p)


  • On the whole, the professors in my classes seem slightly younger and dress much better than profs at UT. All of them have worn suits to class. I can only think of one prof at UT that wore a suit on a regular basis. The students dress about the same as they do in Austin. Of the profs that have told us about themselves, a couple are originally from Germany and one from the U.K. All speak excellent English and the accents aren’t too much trouble.
  • One girl insisted on standing up whenever she spoke to the prof in my Contracts class today. The fact that no one else did so did not seem to dissuade her in the slightest. Must be a cultural thing.
  • Speaking of cultural, UCL is quite a melting pot. Besides the U.S. students, they’ve got a range of people from across Europe and Asia, which should make some of the comparative law classes even more interesting. Anyone from Middle East to Japan is referred to as Asian apparently. I’m not sure if that’s derogatory or not, but it seems to be the way things are.
  • The classrooms are mostly older, with no wireless internet or electrical plugs. I’ve not bothered with bringing the laptop to class at all and I probably won’t for the semester. It’ll be a nice change. Most are arranged with rows of benches and attached chairs, similar to what we have at UT, except the writing surfaces are much smaller. It’s not too much of a hardship, just different. Once you sit down, you’re there, because to get out you’d have to climb out over anyone between you and the end of the aisle. The classes all have a break halfway thru, so it’s not a big deal.

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