Virginia Postrel on the price of zoning. (via Austin Contrarian)

Review of Raising Arizona from The House Next Door.

“Bad Comma” a review of a new book on punctuation, in the New Yorker.

Giuliani vs. Clinton: What Should Pro-Lifers Do If It Comes Down to Two Pro-Choice Candidates?

A Bourne Trilogy all-nighter at the IMAX theater in the British Film Institute this Saturday night.

I really hope ARod decides to opt-out of his current contract with the Yankees, so the Rangers will have the 20+ million dollars they’ve committed to his contract back. If the Yankees re-sign him, that’s fine, but they shouldn’t get a discount. Based on how Boras is talking, it seems likely that he will. I read somewhere the Boras is pitching to potential suitors that ARod could be worth half-a-billion to their bottom line both in ticket sales as well as money to a regional sports network. Right.

LawLink, a new social network for lawyers.

Last week I saw Micheal Clayton, the new legal thriller with George Clooney. It’s a very good movie and its getting rave reviews from the horde at RottenTomatoes. David Lat from AboveTheLaw has a tangentially related column in the New York Observer today.

A profile of Sinatra in Esquire from 1966.


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