Famous People at Parties

C-SPAN’s BookTV televised a book party for Justice Clarence Thomas, hosted at the Washington D.C. home of conservative commentator Armstrong Williams. It’s not like there’s anything of importance happening, but it’s fascinating to watch folks act like regular people at any cocktail party. At one point, Chief Justice Roberts is stuck in a corner by the veggie tray drinking a Pepsi and looking like he’d rather be at home. At another point Justice Alito and Orrin Hatch (correction via ATL: Sen. Arlen Specter, for some reason I always confuse those two) are talking about the Phillies recent playoff run. Justice Thomas himself seems so happy and gregarious that it’s almost infectious.

Seeing Justice Thomas meet Stephen A. Smith of ESPN and start playfully joshing him for not giving any love to the Nebraska Cornhuskers was absolutely hilarious. Also, Justice Thomas is a Cowboys fan. He started a spirited conversation with Smith about Bob Hays not being in the football Hall of Fame. I’ll admit, I had to look up Bob Hays on the internet. In my defense, I don’t that Stephen A. really knew who he was either and sports is supposed to be his business.

See Above The Law’s liveblog of the event.


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