Decision 2008

There have been a few endorsements of note this week in the battle for the Republican nomination for the presidential election next year. First, as was widely reported in Texas, but apparently didn’t make too much of a ripple elsewhere, Gov. Rick Perry (a/k/a Gov. Goodhair) endorsed Rudy Giuliani.

The second is a pair of endorsements for Gov. Mitt Romney by Bob Jones III and most recently by Wayne Grudem. Hugh Hewitt interviewed Al Mohler about the Bob Jones endorsement a couple days ago and spoke to Wayne Grudem on his radio show today. You can also read Grudem’s column detailing the reasons for his endorsement.

I haven’t picked a horse yet (a decision I’m sure the candidates are waiting for with bated breath), but I have a couple of quibbles with Grudem’s column. The quibbles are actually two sides of the same coin. Early in the column, he makes the blanket statement, “Romney’s positions on social, economic, and international issues are all soundly conservative.” Perhaps Romney holds conservative views on many important issues, but on one very important issue that I’ve read about, universal health coverage, I wouldn’t characterize him as conservative. (See this column at NRO). Later in Grudem’s column he offhandedly states that John McCain and Fred Thompson are not “reliably conservative.” That may be a safe statement to make with regard to McCain, but I don’t agree that it can be said as cavalierly about Thompson. I haven’t seen anyone seriously analyze Romney’s views in contrast to Thompson’s, and Grudem doesn’t bother to give any details about where Thompson’s faults lie. Grudem’s main points seem to be that Romney can be trusted on social issues that matter, namely life and that of the top tier of candidates, he is the most electable. Those are both judgment calls and both could turn out to be true. We’ll have to see.


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  1. I like Grudem on a lot of other counts, but I have to disagree with him on this one. You’re right to point out that Grudem aims to crown Romney the superlative candidate without actually comparing his accomplishments to anybody currently running.

    And if Wayne thinks being from Michigan helps in the rest of the midwest, this former Buckeye could teach him a few things.

    I might prefer a Romney nomination over a Giuliani one, but at this point would prefer Thompson over the entire field. Though a Kucinich/Paul debate would be fun.

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