Christopher Hitchens on the future of the Anglosphere in City Journal. The piece is primarily about the scope of the idea of the Anglosphere, what countries may be participants and what is at stake. I laughed at loud at the end of this quote:

“The European Union has worked as an economic solvent on redundant dictatorships in Spain, Portugal, and Greece, and also on old irredentist squabbles in Ireland, Cyprus, and Eastern Europe. But it is about to reach, if it has not already, a membership saturation point that will disable any effective decision-making capacity. A glaring example of this disability is the EU’s utter failure to compose a viable constitution. Roberts correctly notes that “along with over two centuries of amendments the entire (readable and easily intelligible) U.S. Constitution can be printed out onto twelve pages of A4-sized paper; the (unreadable and impenetrably complicated) proposed European Constitution ran to 265.” (Roberts doesn’t mention the lucidity and brevity of the British constitution, perhaps because the motherland of the English-speaking peoples has absentmindedly failed to evolve one in written form, and thus will, on the demise of the present queen, have as head of state a strange middle-aged man with a soft spot for Islam and bizarre taste in wives.)”

Op-ed in USA Today contrasting rising tuitions at universities with the rising endowments at those same universities. I’ve posted on this a few times and while its true that many of the universities with huge endowments (ahem, see the the University of Texas) could easily reduce tuition without significantly drawing down their endowments, that’s likely not true for most universities. The more important point I think is the lack of accountability for these public institutions.

Houston has chosen the route the next section of its light-rail system follow, and which a ridiculously minuscule percentage of the population will actually benefit from. The plan is scheduled for completion by 2012. See posts from and Houston Strategies.


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