Meet the New Boss …

… same as the old boss.

Of all the boneheaded moves I can imagine, this isn’t the worst, but it ranks very high as a head-scratcher.

Richard Justice reports that the Astros are planning to sign Geoff Blum, he of the colorful hair and obsessive fan club, as a 2B/utility infielder. Now, Justice is far from a reliable source and the basis for his report is apparently a quote from Blum himself to the San Diego paper, so perhaps its just a bad rumor. It absolutely no sense to sign a 34 year-old player who isn’t good enough defensively at any position to claim a spot, gets on base at roughly a .300 clip and has no speed. Apparently he made about $900K last year with the Padres, which I think is a little over double what the major-league minimum salary is. Anything we pay him over the minimum is equivalent to piling it up and setting it on fire. Actually, it’s worse, because we could promote some random infielder from AAA who’s never going to be a major league regular and open up that AAA roster spot to someone else. I don’t know if this is Ed Wade’s genius idea; I don’t think Cecil Cooper was here during Blum’s previous run with the Astros, but whoever is responsible ought to give back his paycheck for the week.


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