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UN Calls for Abolition of the Death Penalty

A United Nations committee passed a resolution that will proceed to the General Assembly for a vote that is likely to pass, calling for the abolition of the death penalty around the world. The Guardian website reports this development.

A UN general assembly committee has passed a draft resolution calling for an end to the death penalty in a debate that put the US in the same camp as Iran and Syria.

The resolution, passed 99-52 by the human rights committee yesterday, must still be submitted to the 192-member general assembly for a vote. If approved, it would be non-binding, but would carry moral weight.

The idea that something passed by the United Nations, given its long, documented history of corruption, denial of democratic rights and abuse of power could have moral weight is a sign of just how tragically flawed modern conceptions of morality are. Current members of the Human Rights committee that passed this draft resolution include notable human rights advocates Egypt, South Africa, Cuba, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


3 Responses

  1. The United Nimrods can pass any resolution they want. Without US firepower they can’t enforce anything.

  2. Since Israel doesn’t have legalized murder, better known as the death penalty, the Arab fascists, China, and the U.S. who all really enjoy their daily executions,will oppose abolition. They’d all be out of business if they did. — Silverwolf

  3. Herzegovina… heheh

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