Firefox Pop-up Blocker Bug and McAfee Privacy Service

UDPATE 2007-12-21: Problem looks to be solved.

Firefox Bug – Pop-up Blocker turns off

This article from MozillaZine suggests that McAfee Privacy Service may be to blame for the random behavior of the Pop-up Blocker check box in Firefox that is referenced in the link above. I just found it, so I’ll try the recommended steps and see if it makes a difference.

The McAfee Privacy Service software is reported to disable your Mozilla browser’s popup blocker, even if that software is uninstalled and you recheck the popup blocker option in your Mozilla browser. This happens because McAfee’s software has set the related preference “dom.disable_open_during_load” to “false” via the user.js file and the popup blocker is again disabled when you restart the browser [2]. . . .

I’ve been pretty dissatisfied with the whole suite of McAfee products that came pre-installed on my Dell laptop. The entire interface for security, virus and privacy is pretty obtrusive and the options to configure are a jumbled mess of dialog boxes that render any hope of straightforward changes a vain one. If I hadn’t purchased 3 years of anti-virus updates from them when I purchased the computer I would have ditched it a long time ago. If I figure out that it’s been the problem this whole time I might do it anyway.

This forum thread contains more details about the problem.


3 Responses

  1. I use ViruScan Enterprise (as part of the license of my once and future employer’s) on my XP desktop, and besides for annoying buffer overflow protection problems, which I can whitelist, it’s been fine. The consumer versions of their stuff is awful, though, as you say.

    I’ve been trialing the Kaspersky anti-virus stuff on my Vista TabletPC. It’s pretty good, unobtrusive and works like a Windows program, not some goofy college multimedia project. It is comparitively expensive, though.

    I really try to avoid the big privacy suites the AV vendors have put together. A properly configured machine with good A/V software doesn’t need the bloat.

  2. McAfee is awful, ditch em.
    I switched to Kapersky and its great. Only thing with Kapersky is that it may interfere with certain .asp based web sites – I’ve only had a problem with one site.
    I also run Greatis’ RegRun Security Suite as a back up.

  3. I think I can help. Mine was turning off as well every time I closed firefox. This was happening because mcafee was doing it so chances are you have mcafee too. Open your mcafee security. Next click on configure. Then click on Internet & Network. Then click on Web Browsing Protection Enabled. Then click on advance. Then check the pop-up blocker option and make sure you click apply not just o.k. Now when you open firefox check the popup blocker and it should stay on from now on.

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