Commie Thug Loses . . .

. . . apparently.

There was a referendum in Venezuela on constitutional referendums that would have paved the way for the current socialist President Hugo Chavez to stay in power indefinitely, plundering the country’s oil riches to prop up his attempts to make war in America while staples such as milk and eggs can’t be found in the stores of his country. (What an ugly sentence!) Various news agencies are reporting that Chavez lost the referendum, which is something of a surprise because it was polling well in the past several months. But the tide turned against him recently and the vote went narrowly against him. I don’t know what this means for Chavez in the future. I don’t see him willingly relinquishing power, but at least he won’t have the veneer of legal legitimacy to hide behind. Gateway Pundit has a round-up of news on the election from throughout the past several days.


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