Faith In America

I watched Mitt Romney’s speech “Faith In America” from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library in College Station on the web just now. It was a good speech. He didn’t spend much time discussion his Mormon faith, although he said that he would lead as the President of people of all faiths and that when he swore the oath to uphold the Constitution, that would be his highest duty before God. I thought that was a good line. The majority of the speech focused on our common moral heritage, our tradition of faith as a country and the importance of our right to religious liberty and expression.

So far, the coverage from the political pundits of the right has been positive, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. I don’t know how much difference it actually makes in the Republican primary, but I suspect it is a small amount. It didn’t convince me that he’s the best candidate, but my qualms about him were based less on his faith and more on his recently conservative political positions. In the end it probably doesn’t matter much, because he’s close to a lock to be our next president anyway. I don’t think that Hillary Clinton can win a presidential race just because there are too many people who don’t like her, and of the Republican candidates, Romney is one of the tallest and has the best hair by far. So the race is pretty much over.

You can watch the speech at his site (approx. 20 minutes) and National Review Online has posted the full text.


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