Injecting Religion Into Politics

I read this article from Mark Steyn the other day and the opening paragraphs stuck in my head because of their typical Steynian wit. Today I happened to be reading a blog containing an off-handed remark about Jesus’ poverty being so great that he had to be born in a manger. Putting aside the fiscal health of Joseph’s balance sheet, the only earthly reason Jesus ended up in a manger was an intrusive and overbearing government program.

This is the time of year, as Hillary Clinton once put it, when Christians celebrate “the birth of a homeless child” — or, in Al Gore’s words, “a homeless woman gave birth to a homeless child.”

Just for the record, Jesus wasn’t “homeless.” He had a perfectly nice home back in Nazareth. But he happened to be born in Bethlehem. It was census time and Joseph was obliged to schlep halfway across the country to register in the town of his birth. Which is such an absurdly bureaucratic over-regulatory cockamamie Big Government nightmare it’s surely only a matter of time before Massachusetts or California reintroduce it.


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