Romney On Meet The Press

I watched Mitt Romney’s interview on Meet The Press via the magic of iTunes this afternoon (you can also watch at the website). Overall he did well, but didn’t change my opinion of him too much. I’m still with Fred.

  • Romney’s right to disagree when Russert tried to play gotcha with the taxes vs. fees argument. There is a difference between the two, at least in a practical sense. Taxes are something the government collects on production (e.g. income, both personal and corporate) and property. Fees are for services the government performs. As long as the latter are reasonable, government is perfectly within its rights to collect them and raise them as necessary. I’d guess that overall they make up a much smaller percentage of the budget than taxes.
  • At one point Russert interrupted Romney and said, “Now this is a fair question …” If I were Romney I would have asked whether that meant that all the others weren’t. And some of them, while they may have been technically fair were pretty silly. I think hammering Romney because Bob Jones called Mormons a cult is irrelevant.

Romney still seems like too much of a politician for me to like him. Next week Ron Paul gets to sit at the overly large, funny shaped table. That should be fun.


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