Speaking of Steyn

A column he wrote has caused some trouble in Canada.

“The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) is taking Maclean’s magazine to a human rights commission. Its crime? Refusing the CIC’s absurd demand that Maclean’s print a five-page letter to the editor in response to an article the CIC didn’t like.”

The column by Mark Steyn discussed the demographic rise of Islam in the West. Steyn wrote a book called America Alone, mostly focusing on the declining birthrates in European countries and the increasing percentage of the population there that is Muslim. The CIC incurs no cost for the action and the magazine, which must be represented in a non-judicial setting may be forced to pay damages or even apologize for declining to print the response. This action by the CIC is seen as part of a trend sometimes referred to as libel tourism, where the subjects of unflattering portrayal in literature can use the libel laws of countries like the UK to win lawsuits against authors, discouraging dissemination of their work.

Here’s a link to the offending column, entitled “The future belongs to Islam


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