Huckabee’s Strength

The improbable rise of Mike Huckabee in the polls in Iowa, and now in several states and across the nation has been one of the big stories of the past couple of months. But after listening to a recent episode of the Hugh Hewitt show where he was taking calls from the Huckabee supporters, I wonder if one part of his platform has been getting slighted as a well of support that he’s been able to tap into.

The appeal to evangelical Christians is obvious given his background as a Baptist preacher and his record on the social issues is among the strongest of any of the Republican candidates. But while it is often mentioned, his proclamation of the Fair Tax proposal doesn’t get much analysis. I think that this is probably because among the punditry that analyze politics for a living, their opinion of the likelihood that the Fair Tax succeeding is microscopic. And they’re probably right in that assessment. Nevertheless I bet if you polled the people that support Huckabee, you would get a much higher rate of certainty that the Fair Tax has a chance to become law if Mike Huckabee is elected president. It would be interesting to find out if that guess is correct. Anyway, I bet Neal Boortz is having fun with it, although I doubt there is much else he would like about Mike Huckabee.


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