• One of the free songs from iTunes this week is the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah by the London Symphony Orchestra. Nice if you don’t have it for your library already.
  • Pet Peeve of the Decade: Web sites that play music, either from the site itself, or in an ad on the page. Infuriating. One of the reasons MySpace irritates me so much.
  • Justice Scalia was in Edinburgh last week.
  • Yaphet Kotto is running for President as a Republican. Lt. “G” from Homicide: Life on the Streets vs. D.A. Branch from Law & Order (Fred Thompson if you’re not up on your serialized TV cop dramas).
  • Goodreads.com -a social networking site for readers. Sounds like an interesting idea. When are they going to link it to my Amazon wish list?
  • Theodore Dalrymple responds to the recent wave of atheist authors in What the New Atheists Don’t See”

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