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Squashed The Bug

Thanks to commenter George Hyman on this post the error with the pop-up blocker in Firefox seems to be fixed.

I tried to follow the steps for configuring McAfee that I mentioned in this post, but that didn’t solve it (it’s possible that it would have if I’d done the last step first). Next I completely uninstalled McAfee and replaced it with AVG Free for my virus scanner, but it STILL kept happening. That’s when George happened to drop his comment on the initial post and recommended checking out the user.js file that is created as part of the Firefox profile. I had read that McAfee modified that file as part of its Privacy Service, but stupidly I didn’t check it after I uninstalled McAfee. Sure enough, there was a line, the only line in my installation of Firefox, that set the value for the pop-up blocker to false every time the application started up. In retrospect, I believe the reason I failed to connect the behavior together with starting up the browser because I leave my computer on all the time and the browser is usually open to my Gmail page. I did that several days ago and the problem hasn’t reoccurred since. So, it’s probably not necessary to junk McAfee if you don’t want to, but I don’t miss it.


2 Responses

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  2. […] Firefox Bug – Pop-up Blocker turns off UPDATE 2007-12-21: The problem appears to be solved. […]

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