Reepicheep In Prince Caspian

I don’t see how they could have made the movie without him, but in the trailer I saw for Prince Caspian (which looks very cool; check it out at Apple’s site) I don’t remember seeing Reepicheep. Harry Knowles site has the news that he is definitely in the film and is voiced by comic actor Eddie Izzard. I’m not sure if Izzard is serious enough to tackle Reepicheep, but it should be interesting.

While I wasn’t terribly excited about The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe when it came out, once I saw it I liked it. I’m even more excited about Prince Caspian, which has a pretty good story.


2 Responses

  1. Did you not see Reepicheep in the bottom right hand corner of the poster?

  2. Should have made it more clear that I watched the trailer a while ago. It’s been out for maybe a couple months. I remember watching it online while I was in London. It doesn’t show Reepicheep. One online source said that may be because he’s CGI and that computer work was still being completed.

    I’d never seen the poster before I linked it for this post.

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