It’s Cold

Forecast for today 3-5″ of snow, with a high of 31 degrees here in Minneapolis.

According to scuttlebut floating around the airplane to Minneapolis from Houston this morning, Congressman Ron Paul was sitting in first class. He has a rally scheduled tonight at a university here prior to their primary tomorrow. Unfortunately we were unable to verify this rumor ourselves, although I did see a guy walk up to first class and appear to introduce himself to someone sitting there.

Best Superbowl ads: Rocky the Clydesdale and the talking ETrade baby.


3 Responses

  1. What are you doing up in the land of the lutefisk? I worked @ the U for a year in the 90s. Got back to Texas as soon as I could…

  2. the Desiring God pastor’s conference. my parents have been going most years for the past 10 or so. this year’s theme is “Fathers and Sons.” So I’m in Minneapolis for 3 days in February. It is kind of cool to see snow. We’re staying downtown and thus far have not had to actually venture outside since all the buildings have these walkways connecting them. It’s like the tunnels in downtown Houston, but on the 2nd floor.

  3. Cool. I had a friend in those days who went to John Piper’s church. Visited there once with him. Nice folks!

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