Caucusing for Hillary

Tonight I went to my polling place and participated in the Democratic caucus following the end of voting for the day. While I was there I kept a log using Twitter, a web service that allows you to send short (140 chars max) messages that can be read by others. What’s below are my tweets tonight in reverse chronological order.

My precinct went heavily for Obama (65-35), but Clinton has just been announced as winning the state overall. It remains to be seen how the ultimate delegate count will turn out. After everyone present signs in for either Clinton or Obama, you can either leave, or stay around for the selection of the delegates. I decided to stay and they announced the results. My precinct was allotted 20 delegates, which were proportionally divided based on the results of the number of people who signed in for each candidate. Obama got 13 delegates and Clinton 7. Each could also name the same number of alternate delegates. At the end of the night, among the 16 Clinton folks there, only 7 of us volunteered to be delegates, so right now I’m signed up to show up at the Democratic county convention on March 29. After that is the state convention in June, but delegates to the state convention are elected there, so it seems unlikely I’ll go to that. Anyway, I get to see how the sausage is made.

I was disappointed that Mindy Montford is currently running second for Travis County DA. Most of the votes are in, and it seems unlikely she’ll win. It looks like right now the margin of defeat is entirely from early voting. In today’s vote she has a very slight lead. Mindy was the head of the intern program at the DA’s office when I was there a couple of summers ago.

On the Houston Chronicle’s website they linked to some Houston bloggers who did the same thing at several precincts around town (scroll down).

  • no chanting, no arguments 
  • apparently out caucus was pretty laid back compared to some of the other reports here on twitter 
  • And we’re done 
  • 54 – 46 obama leads in tx w/ 4% rptg 
  • The obama people are making speeches to be delegates. They’ll have to vote 
  • Selecting delegates. Maybe 60 people for 13 obama delegates plus 13 alternates. For the 7 clinton delegates (plus 7 alt) there are 16 people 
  • Guy giving extemporaneous bush bashing speech which gets rousing applause 
  • We’re rocking the roberts rules of order. 
  • 142 total. 65% obama 35 clinton. 13 delegates for obama. 7 for clinton.
  • @conniereece not sure if i actually am a del. Or not. Think that is about to get voted on. I just checked the box on the form in reply to conniereece
  • Now we’re determining the proportion. The signing has been closed. 
  • Any latest exit polls from tx? 
  • Waiting for one person to sign in. 
  • @karoli dont know what a caucus packet is. So far it’s been peaceful AFAIK  in reply to Karoli
  • Stragglers still signing in. Expect obama to win easily 
  • travis co. 
  • Bye bye huck. Good riddance. Thx for screwing up the repub primaries 
  • Officially signed up for hillary. I put that i wanted to be a delegate to the state conv. What the hell 
  • About to get to sign in 
  • Our table splitting more evenly for hillary 
  • Quite a few of people that signed in have left. Not sure what there is to do afterward 
  • Added a third sign in volunteeq for obama 
  • Having hillary people sign in their delegates & obama theirs. Seems hinky to me. 
  • Moved on to first table. Still lopsided disparity for obama 
  • Asking for help with math. How good w/ math do you have to be to count names? 
  • V. Slow. Est maybe 30 people so far 
  • Signing in is slow. 
  • At least 3x as many in line for obama 
  • Saying if u fill out your race on the form they take that into cons for makeup of state delegation 
  • People who need to leave early signing in now. 
  • Making a big deal out of taking people’s word 
  • At least 150 here. 
  • Nobody chanting here. Thank goodness 
  • We dont need 2 be hostile 
  • About 2 start signing in 
  • Rough guess: far more obama peeps than hillary 
  • Now reading rules 
  • Getting more chairs & tables 
  • Getting volunteers from both camps to sign people in 
  • Starting the mtg
  • At the caucus site. >100 here already.
  • off to caucus 

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