The Revolution Stops Now

I know mixing the imagery of religion into politics is a tactic that’s as old as the hills, and also that Barack Obama has the corner on the messiah market in this campaign, but it was very jarring to hear Ron Paul, in his message announcing the end of his presidential campaign, use some very religiously-tinged words.

I’ve paid little attention to Paul’s campaign, mostly discounting him because I think his libertarian, non-interventionist message was hijacked by the anti-war right, and that’s the only reason he got more than the token support he usually enjoys. I would be surprised to learn that his campaign promoted his faith very much. Indeed, I really don’t know what his faith is. I know he’s pro-life, so I guessed he might be Christian, but in general libertarians and religion don’t mix well on the national level. So it’s surprising to hear stuff like this;

“. . . counting the remnant of true believers . . .”

“. . . cadre of hard-core believers is the key to success . . .”

A link to the Hot Air post on the announcement, including an embedded YouTube of the message.

On a second watching, I could be overreacting. The words I mentioned are close to the beginning of the clip and they really jumped out at me, so much so that they may have influenced my perception of the entire piece. That being said, watching him for 7 minutes, which is the longest I’ve watched Ron Paul for at any time in my life, only increases my surprise that he actually enjoyed the level of support that he did. He’s not a bad speaker, but he’s not dynamic at all, and seems very much like he’s reading from a prepared text. He reminds me of a businessman giving a lecture to a college class.

I love the fact that he says that after THIRTY YEARS, he’s FINALLY been proved right about the dollar issue. I know a guy who always talks about Ron Paul as the grumpy old man waving his cane at people. You can totally see that when he gets to that point.


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