This Week’s Netflix – Commies are Bad

Last few from my Netflix queue (ranked from 1 to 5 §):

Breach – §§§ 1/2 – Based on a true story of an FBI agent who was a spy for the Russians since the 1980’s. Robert Hansen, played by Chris Cooper, is portrayed as some kind of psychiatrist’s dream patient. He’s a devout Catholic, a family man; while at the same time engaging in sexual perversion. At the same time that he’s an ardent anti-Communist, a key figure in the FBI’s counter-terrorism operation; he’s selling invaluable secrets to the Russians. The entire movie is told as a flashback from the actual John Ashcroft announcement of his arrest in 2001, so there’s no suspense in the eventual outcome. Instead, the drama is watching how the FBI caught him. Laura Linney was good as the agent on the team trying to bring him in and I really enjoyed Cooper as well. There’s one shot of him at the end of the film, after his arrest. He’s dressed in black, with deep bags under his eyes. It’s just a ridiculously scary shot.

Once – §§ 1/2 – The story of a busker on the streets of Dublin who meets an immigrant from the Czech Republic. There isn’t much to the story, but it basically tracks their attempt to get a demo made, so the Guy can get a record deal. Borders on chick-flick territory, but a couple of good songs, and the ending save it. The Guy (neither the Guy or the Girl are ever given names in the movie) who plays the busker tends to get really into some of his songs; on the ones that I didn’t like much it was irritating. The whole movie was shot in a documentary style and there are times when it really looked amateurish, even to someone who knows as little about film-making as I do. One thing that surprised me after watching some of the special features was that it wasn’t biographical at all. The story was just a story.

Mary Poppins – §§§§ – Not much to say. I was feeling nostalgic. Still holds up well. I was surprised how much I still enjoyed all the songs, and at some of the throwaway lines which were fairly sophisticated in a kids movie.

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels – §§§ – Basically Snatch with a little different plot. A lot of the cast overlaps the two, with the notable exceptions of Brad Pitt and Dennis Farina. Still fun to watch though.

Next three movies in the queue:


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