Paranoia Strikes Deep

Ross Douthat writes an article in the current issue of The Atlantic, comparing pop culture in the wake of Iraq and Afghanistan to the 1970’s. He touches on the Bourne trilogy, as well as the 28 … Later movies I mentioned below (an example of one of the many ways in which I’m not very bright: I completely missed the obvious Iraq allegory in 28 Weeks Later.) The comparison is interesting because it sets of lot of movies that I’ve watched in the context of the time when they were created. Watching movies from a different time period without considering the culture that spawned them is one of the hazards of having everything so readily available these days, I suppose.

The Return of the Paranoid Style

Lots of interesting articles in The Atlantic this month.


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  1. Definetely one of my 2 best trilogies ever filmed. The Bourne Trilogy

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