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AT&T Rant

I received a customer service survey from AT&T after purchasing the iPhone yesterday and one of the questions was whether I would recommend AT&T to someone. Since I answered in the negative, the survey asked what my reasons were and I vented a little frustration. Since it's not likely that anyone but a low-level worker at some marketing firm will ever read it, I thought I would take the opportunity to self-publish.


The rates for data plans are too high, especially since I cannot use the data plan to tether my iPhone to my laptop.

The rates for text messaging plans are OBSCENELY high. AT&T is blatantly ripping off their customers, just because they can.

My previous phone was a 1st gen iPhone given to me by a family member. After using the phone several months AT&T cut off the data service without telling me and continued to bill me for it. I was told I could not use my existing data plan, despite the fact that it was working perfectly well, and instead I would have to buy a data plan that costs twice as much, but that did not include any text messages (previous plan included 1500), just because I was using an iPhone.

I live in a very large city in the U.S., yet there are still places in downtown where I have spots of no service on my phone. In other places, including the home where I live, service fluctuates and calls are dropped randomly.

Finally, I believe AT&T has influenced Apple to block the use of applications like Google Voice on the iPhone.

In short, the only reason I am an AT&T customer is that I can't use the iPhone on any other service. If I could try a different service with the iPhone, I would.


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